3 more hot tubs in Chicago hot tub scene

HOT TUBE IN THE COLD: 3 new hot tub locations opened in Chicago’s New York City hot tub district on Thursday as the hot tub craze continues to grow and evolve.

The first location opened in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens on Thursday.

It’s a two-person tub called the Biscuits and it has three seats, according to the Hot Tub Blog.

It was designed by Brooklyn-based studio Fuse Design, which specializes in the space design of hot tub design.

The design features geometric shapes and patterns on the sides of the tub, along with a glass bowl on the top of the bowl.

The Biscuit is on the corner of 2nd and Ditmars, and the Bachelorette Hot Tub is on 3rd and K streets.

The hot tub will open in May.