A ‘Bathroom-Style’ Spa in Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong district is set to open next month

Updated November 13, 2019 08:51:17 A new Thai bathhouse is set for a major expansion, with owners hoping to open the facility in late 2019.

Key points:Owner Nomsen Ratchaphai hopes to open a Thai bath with a ‘bathroom’ themeThe new location in Ratchabong district will be called Bathyoga-Bathyoga and is the third in BangkokThe Bangkok-based owner hopes to expand the company to include an “A-League style” spa and other venues in the country’s second largest cityThe new establishment, which will be in the same building as the Thai Bathhouse, will feature a ‘bathroom’ feel, including a private bathroom and a spa with a water feature, as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

The new Bathyogas Bathyogi Spa, the third of its kind in the city, will be the largest of its type in the world, with a size of 6,000 square metres.

The company has already opened two other Thai bathhouses in the capital, with the first opening in April 2019.

The Bathyuga Bathyugas Bathysoga, which is the oldest and largest, opened in 2015.

A total of 16 facilities in Thailand are planned, including an indoor pool and a sauna and spa, according to the owner.

The owners are hoping to expand to other cities as well, including Hong Kong and the United States, and are also considering opening another facility in Malaysia.

“Our plan is to open three more facilities in the next two years, as there are currently four other Thai facilities in Bangkok,” Nomsin Ratchathai, the company’s owner, told ABC News.

“We plan to open up to 20 more facilities and open more restaurants, too.”

The new facility will be owned by the Thai branch of the Thai bath, and will also have a Thai-themed menu, with dishes including Thai chicken and shrimp, Thai chicken baklava, Thai fried chicken, Thai coconut and Thai pineapple salad, and Thai green curry, he said.

“The main dish will be Thai chicken soup and the main course will be a traditional Thai chicken curry, which I hope to introduce in 2019,” he said, adding that a Thai spa would also be added to the menu.

The Bangkok Bathyoggingos Bathyogo Spa is located at 875-876 Hong Kong Road, just outside the city’s Central district.

The owner said he had started his company in 2016, but the expansion was the first he had planned for Bangkok.

“I was expecting to open only one bath and then we would get all the other facilities, and that didn’t happen,” he told ABC.

“In 2018 we started with two and now we have three.”

But now we are going to open more than 30 baths.

“Every bath is a new adventure, it’s a different way of living, and we want to create a new life here.”

It’s going to be a big step for us and for the country.”‘

Bath room’ themeA bathyoga spa in Bangkok has been opening in the past, but has not been quite as popular as the Bathyaga Bathyogyoga Spa, which opened in October 2019 in a smaller space in the Thai capital.

Owner Nommasen Rachaphai, who is the owner of the Bathysogi Spa and Bathygyoga Bathysogyoga, has been working on his plans for several months, but is now optimistic that the expansion will be successful.”

One thing is we have already opened one other location in the central business district, but we haven’t opened a bath in that area,” he explained.”

That’s where the Bathygoga Bathyagogyoga will be.

“He added that the new location would be the third bath and will feature the same style as the original, with large windows overlooking the water, and a private bath with an indoor swimming pool and sauna.”

This is going to have a spa like our first location,” he joked.

The second bath will have a different style to the original and will include a private shower, but it will also be in a different building, he added.”

What I like about this location is we will be able to make the spa a little bit more appealing, so it will be more attractive to people who want a spa.

“A total number of 32 baths are planned in Thailand.

In a recent interview with ABC News, the Bathyaoga Bathyaogas Spa said the expansion would be a welcome addition to the country, but he also acknowledged that there was still a long way to go.”

To be honest, we still have so many things we need to do before we can