Anki’s Aki Bathhouse’s ‘Aki’ Pottery Is “Aki” to the Landscape

The Aki bathhouse has been selling its creations for generations in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, Washington.

And now the company’s newest product, the Aki Bambini, is set to be introduced in a public opening on June 3.

The name, “Akinashi” literally translates to “be on the side of,” according to the product description.

“A little girl can’t help but wonder why she always gets so caught up in the moment, looking up at the stars, when she could be enjoying the real world, enjoying the natural beauty around her,” it says.

“The Aki bambini will give her a little more time to relax.”

According to the description, the product has an attractive finish and looks like it was made with love in mind.

The bath is made from soft, water-resistant clay and features “beautiful hand-carved stone floors,” “plastic, vinyl, and vinyl-coated wood flooring,” and a “lamp-like finish.”

It also comes with a removable base.

The Aakis also feature a “bamboo door” and “a ceramic base,” which is “perfect for sitting in the bath or relaxing in the sun while taking a nap.”

Akais are sold as “boutique” items and can be found in boutiques and online.