Gay bathhouse owner opens gay bath house in Vegas

A gay bath-house owner in Las Vegas is planning to open a gay-themed gay-only bathhouse next month.

The owner of a San Diego gay-friendly spa has opened a gay bath and sauna for patrons in a strip mall.

The resort’s website says the gay-focused spa, which is owned by the family of former NFL player Greg Salas, will be open to the public beginning this Friday, March 7.

Salas, who died last month, was found dead in his San Diego hotel room last May.

He was 42.

Salasa, who owned the San Diego Gay & Lesbian Center, was also the founder and CEO of Gay Spa Spa.

Salass said he decided to open the gay bath facility after receiving feedback from gay-oriented businesses.

“We’ve been told the gay community has been looking for a gay, lesbian spa, and it’s very, very hard to find a place that offers that,” he said.

The gay bath is the latest addition to the growing gay-centric bath houses.