How Portland Gay Bathhouses Work

Portland Gay Beds is the only gay bathhouse in the state of Oregon.

Located at 6010 E. Morrison St., the facility was created in 2006.

The Portland Gay bathhouses was the first gay bath and club in the US and has been a fixture in Portland for over a decade.

The first bathhouse to open in Portland was in 2013 and the Portland Gay Boutique opened in 2018.

Portland Gay was one of the first and largest gay bath houses to open a gay bar in the city of Portland.

With over 70 locations in Portland and Oregon, Portland Gay has become a favorite destination for LGBTQ people in the country.

Portland gay bath house, the Portland, Oregon Gay Bathhouse and the Gay Boutiques, have been in business for over 20 years.

PortlandGay Bathhouse Owner, Ryan Johnson, said, “The gay community in Portland has been waiting for a place like PortlandGay to open.

They have an open door policy, they are a community center, they have a safe space and they treat everyone with respect.”

Portland Gay’s founder and owner, Alex Riehl, said the LGBTQ community is very much welcome at the PortlandGay.

“The community is welcome here,” Riell said.

“I love PortlandGay because they are not just a gay bathroom, they also have a queer-themed area and they are very welcoming.

I think that we have found a place that is very welcoming for us and the LGBTQ people who have come here.”

The PortlandGay is located at 6011 E. Broadway St. in the heart of downtown Portland, on the corner of Broadway and Waverly.

The facility is open every day, Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-8 pm and Sunday 10 am to 8 pm.

The bathhouse is equipped with an outdoor hot tub and a large variety of comfy couches, a steam room and a steam closet.

Rieller said the Portland LGBT Bathhouse is a place where everyone can be themselves.

“There are a lot of things that you can do with the gay bathtub,” he said.

The bathroom is also equipped with a steam bath and a bathhouse-style shower, which is located on the same floor.

The restrooms have a full-service kitchen, a shower and a sink.

A full-time employee is on site, providing clean towels, soap and other necessities.

Rerlehl said the transgender community has been welcomed in PortlandGay bathhouse and they have become a part of the LGBTQ experience in the community.

“PortlandGay is a welcoming, welcoming community and they want to support us,” Rerlh said.

Rerehl said that transgender people are welcomed at the bathhouse, as long as they are respectful and do not act like the bathrooms of the opposite sex.

“If they want a bath or they want soap or they don’t want to go to the men’s room or the women’s room, we welcome them,” Rerelh explained.

“It’s not about being a big deal or being rude.

It’s about respect and being in the bath.

It is our policy to treat everyone equally.”

Gay Bathrooms in other cities and states Portland Gay is not the only LGBT bathhouse that has opened a gay destination in other states.

Alyssa’s is a transgender-friendly transgender bathhouse located in the New York City area.

The New York Gay Baths in New York, New York also has a lesbian bathhouse on the premises.

Portland’s Gay Bath House is located in Portland, which has been designated as the nation’s gay capital since 2009.

“We are not only welcoming our gay neighbors, we are welcoming the entire LGBTQ community,” said Jim Hensley, President of the New Orleans Gay Bath & Barbers Association.

“Everywhere we go we see positive changes and we see a growing number of transgender people coming to our community, and that is a huge change for our city.”

PortlandGay also has gay massage parlors in other city and states.

The Bath & Spa at Portland Gay opened in 2017 and has since been a favorite for gay and transgender men and women.

The service has been described as “the gayest, most inclusive, and safest massage parlor in the nation,” according to the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

The business is open seven days a week and offers all the necessary amenities such as a full kitchen, bathhouse shower and hot tub.

Hensly said the gay massage experience is one that is often overlooked.

“When you are a trans man or trans woman you are not seen by the straight world,” he explained.

Heningley added, “When we go into the gay market we have a lot more options and it’s not like there is a straight bathhouse or gay bar.

If you have an issue with that, then it is your problem, it is not ours.”

For more information about PortlandGay, contact the Gay Bath Houses.