How to save on cabrillo resort gas prices

The prices for gas at Cabrillo Beach Resort and Spa are dropping, thanks in part to a coupon offered by the resort.

The resort’s gas station at the resort is now selling gas for $2.69 per gallon, down from $3.80 per gallon earlier this month.

Cabrilo Beach Resort spokesman Jason Smith said the discount is a way to give people a better deal when they’re visiting the resort in the coming months.

“We’re working on it,” Smith said.

“The last couple of days have been good.”

Smith said there are now some customers who have booked gas through the resort’s website, which is available at

Some of those customers are also getting free hotel rooms.

But that’s not the whole story.

Cabrillill Resort has also been offering the resort discounted gas prices for months.

Last week, the resort announced it would start charging a discount to guests who register at the beachfront cabaret and bar.

Those guests will receive an automatic discount of 25 cents per gallon when they register at Cabrillillo Beach Hotel, Smith said, as well as a free hotel room.

Caberrillo Beach is currently offering the discount to everyone who purchases gas through their gas station, and the resort has not changed that offer.

The resort also recently started selling gas from the cabaret.

Smith said that is a change from the previous policy, which had people being asked to pay for gas from their gas stations.

That changed with the new policy, Smith explained.

“Gas is not supposed to be a free gift, it’s supposed to cost you,” Smith told CNN affiliate WJLA.

“Now we’re actually asking people to pay gas.

We’re not charging for it.”

Cabrillillo is just the latest resort to be hit with the oil and gas industry’s downturn.

The decline of drilling rigs has also taken a toll on many resorts.

Some resorts have shut down operations temporarily, while others have reduced their rates.

But the resort at Caberrillillo Beach has not been hit the hardest by the downturn.

In fact, Smith noted, the company’s gas prices have stayed relatively stable, which has allowed it to survive.