Italian football club, Parma, announces ban on gay footballers

Parma announced on Monday it will ban gay football players from the club’s stadiums and from visiting gay clubs.

The ban applies to all members of the Parma squad, including those who play in Serie A, the top division of Italian football.

The ban applies also to players from Parma’s youth sides, youth academy and youth team.

“It is not just gay, it is a group that can only enter the stadium, a group which cannot go into the gay bars,” Parma vice-president Giuseppe De La Cosa said.

“We have taken into account the general trend that we have seen in recent years, and that’s a general trend which has reached the highest level.”

But we can’t say that these are the only gays who enter the football club.

“Therefore we have banned gay football and gay clubs from the stadiums and, to protect the reputation of the club, we will not allow them to enter our stadiums.”

And as for the tourists, the ban will be lifted as soon as we receive their visas.

“This is our decision.”

The club has been criticised by the gay community for not implementing its ban on players from clubs.

It has been a long-running issue in Italian football, with the Italian Football Federation refusing to lift its ban last season.

However, the move comes a week after Parma were fined $5 million (£3.8 million) for breaching Italian anti-discrimination laws by not allowing gay players to participate in their youth football leagues.

The club, which won Serie A in 2014-15, was forced to pay a fine of $500,000 (£322,000) after it failed to register its anti-gay policy.