Jacksonville, bathhouse theater to be renamed for bathhouse director

SEATTLE — Jackson, a bathhouse in Seattle, is to be given the new name “Jacksonville.”

The name is part of a plan to transform the bathhouse into a theme park that has been on the market for more than a decade.

The plan calls for a “dynamic, interactive environment” that will be a “living museum” featuring a series of themed attractions.

The project, which is being spearheaded by the Jackson County Historical Society, is part a $5 million redevelopment of the bathhouses, which are now part of the Jacksons Village development.

The $5.5 million renovation project is to include a new building with a $4 million water tower, new signage, and landscaping.

The renovations will include a large, new-and-improved stage, an outdoor stage, a large stage area with new lighting and sound equipment, a new sound system and an upgraded sound system that will include multiple sound booths.

The bathhouses’ main building will be renovated to make room for a new stage.

The renovation will also include an addition to the outdoor stage area.

The stage area will be used as a large dining area and a stage area and stage for children.

The bathhouses main building, located on the northwest corner of Washington and Jefferson, will be demolished.