Marco Rubio: A Bathhouse Owner Looks to the Future

Hotels, motels, and casinos are not the only places where the wealthy can indulge their tastes and preferences, according to the owners of a bathhouse in Tucson, Arizona.

Hotel owners are looking for a new place to stay in the Phoenix area after years of decline, and are looking to the next big thing, as the city’s economy is expected to shrink to record lows in 2020.

The Arizona Department of Tourism and Economic Development, which is tasked with managing the state’s economy, is taking a closer look at the booming economy, which could mean a new trend for bathhouses.

The tourism department recently released a report, The Rise and Fall of Phoenix’s Beds in 2020, that found the state has lost around 1.5 million beds over the last 10 years, a number that is expected increase to 2 million in 2020 and 2.5 to 3 million in 2021.

According to the report, the downturn has been most pronounced in Arizona’s larger metropolitan areas.

The state’s downtown areas have been the hardest hit by the downturn.

The report estimates that in Phoenix alone, between 2000 and 2020, the downtown area lost about 685,000 beds, a drop of about 3.6 percent.

That is an increase of more than a quarter in the downtown population.

Hotels in the metro area are not immune to the downturn either.

The average downtown hotel room has been losing money for four straight years, according the report.

That means hotel rooms in the metropolitan area are on average $1,300 less per night, meaning that fewer people are spending money on room service.

In a statement, the department of tourism and economic development said the city is working on ways to address its downtown area.

“As the city continues to improve its downtown, we want to support hotel operators and owners to continue to make this transition as we continue to focus on attracting visitors, attracting new residents, and improving our quality of life in Phoenix,” it said.

In the future, the tourism department plans to expand its efforts to address the decline in downtown, according a press release.

“We are actively looking for ideas to enhance the city as we grow and grow the business, and we look forward to meeting with businesses, owners, and visitors to work on the next steps in our plan to support downtown,” the release said.