‘No way’: A gay bath house owner in Hawaii has been evicted from his property

Honolulu, Hawaii – A gay-bathhouse owner in Honolulu has been fired after an angry owner sued him over his refusal to rent to the gay community.

The owners lawsuit alleges that the building owner, Richard “Rick” Hasegawa, who also runs a bar and grill, violated his contractual rights by refusing to rent the building to gay people.

The lawsuit was filed against Hasego by the owners of The Big Biscuit, who have been hosting LGBT weddings at their place of business since 2013.

The Big Biskit had a gay bar, dance floor and outdoor seating that was part of the venue.

The owner says that the event organizers wanted to rent it to the LGBT community but Hasegas refusal led to the eviction.

Hasegaws actions have led to complaints from the LGBT people in the area, the owners’ lawyer says.

The owners want the building reopened to the public.

The owner’s attorney, John McBride, said the property owner did not want to rent out his property for the LGBT event.

Hasegaras lawyers have argued that he violated the lease agreement, according to Hawaii News Now.

The Honolulu City Council is expected to discuss the eviction next week.