The gay bathhouse in Bathurst, Ontario

A gay bath house in Bathurys south-east side has opened in the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

The Bamboo Lounge, in a former auto repair shop on East Broad Street, was named a local gay hotspot.

Owner Paul Foy, who lives with his partner, says he has been a member of Bathurst’s gay community for five years and that he started a local chapter in February.

He is keen to attract gay people to Bathurst as a place where they can come together to enjoy their local culture and food.

“It’s just a nice way to meet up with people.

It’s not just gay people here, we have a wide range of people here,” Mr Foy said.

“There’s not one group that’s only gay.

There’s people who are transgender, there’s people that are bi, there are all kinds of different people here.”

Mr Foys son, Mark, who has been living with his father in Bathurbys home, says the lounge has been very popular with gay people.

“I’m really excited.

I’ve had friends come from all over the world, and this is the first time I’ve been here,” he said.

Mr Foyle said he has also seen positive changes in Bathurgys gay community since he started the gay bathhouses in 2008.

“The community has become more diverse,” he told The Times.

“People are just more accepting of each other and it’s just really been positive for us.”

Mr Toth said the bathhouse was a great way to get a taste of what it was like to be in Bathyrstains community.

“When I first opened it I felt very alone and very scared,” he added.

“But now that I’ve met so many people, I feel a lot more accepted.”

Gay Bathhouse owners say they want to keep it that way, with a focus on local people and a community-wide feel.

“Our focus is on the people here.

Our focus is local,” Mr Tuth said.