The Top 10 Most Bizarre Bathhouse Concepts in America

What is the most bizarre bathhouse in America?

There are many, many, but we’ve rounded them all up.

We’re going to start with the most weirdest.


The Sink: The “Sink” is a bathtub that sits on top of a toilet and provides a fresh water supply.

The toilet is then used to flush the toilet water down a tube.

The tub is called the “Sinks” because the toilet is attached to the toilet.

The “sink” was first built in 1924 in a house on an upper floor of an apartment building in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Covered Shower: The most common bathroom in this photo.

The bathtub is covered with a sheet of paper and a cushion to protect the contents from the sun.

The sheet of newspaper is used to protect it from sunburns.


The Spinning Bathtub: The bath tub is filled with water, and the water goes in the sink.

It can be heated up in the shower.


The Paddle Wheel Bathtub or “Cadillac” Bathtub (The One with the Spinning Water): This is the bathtub with a spinning paddle.


The Bathtub in the Woods: This is what most people think of when they think of a bath.

It’s a shallow water pool, filled with rocks, mud, and sand.

The water goes through a tub in the woods.


The Dumpster Bathtub Bathtub is usually located in a dumpster in the backyard.


The Shower Seat Bathtub, also known as “Hanging Bathtub” or “Walking Bathtub”: This bathtub sits on a table in a hotel or motel, with the bath door on the outside.


The Rope Bathtub and Bed Bathtub from the 1930s: This bath is used as a bathroom.

The bathroom door is attached with rope to a bed frame.


The Pillow Bathtub with Bathtub attached to a Bed: This bathroom is often found in a bedroom, or on a bed.

It has a pillow attached to it and a bed on the other side of the bathroom door.


The Hanging Bathroom Bathtub can be found on the side of a building.

Source: Wiki Commons.

What is a “Sump”?

A “sump” is basically a tub that has a sink attached to one end.

You can see it here: The Sump.

It is typically located in an apartment or condo and is typically filled with a fresh supply of water, usually from a rain shower.

The pool inside the sink is usually water that has been collected by a toilet or other source.

It usually takes about three to four days to fully fill the sump.

Source (in German): Wikipedia.