What you need to know about the $500 million Bathhouse 911 emergency response fund

The Bathhouse emergency response pool has received $500,000 from the state of California, according to a letter from the California Department of Health and Human Services.

The emergency pool will be used for “emergency situations, like flooding, fires, and hazardous events,” according to the letter, which was sent to the local Bathhouse restaurant owners on Friday.

The letter states the money will be dedicated to the emergency pool and its emergency responders, and will be spent on items such as water, generators, trash and hygiene supplies.

It’s unclear if the emergency fund is being used for water and sanitation, but the department has been asked to provide more details.

The state agency will be responsible for providing the emergency response, according the letter.

Bathhouse issued a statement saying the state is using its emergency response funds to cover its operating costs.

The California Department is providing assistance to ensure Bathhouse’s emergency response facility can remain operational.