When the bathhouse closes, what next for the girls?

The girls who work at the bathhouses in San Francisco, California are getting their first paychecks on Wednesday, with the first of two planned payments for them to come out of their pocket, the San Francisco Examiner reports.

They were paid $1,000 per week.

The first of those payments is for their first full week of work, and will be split equally between them. 

Bathroom owner and owner of the Bathhouse Girls’ Social Club, Stephanie Sallinger, says she was very happy with the news.

“I’m very excited,” she said.

“It’s been a little bit of a slow process, and it’s been great, but now it’s over.”

She’s happy with her employees as well.

“They’re happy, they’re happy,” Ms Sallingers said.

Ms Salinger said she hopes the payments come soon. “

We’re getting paid, and they’re getting the first paycheck,” Ms. Sallings added.

Ms Salinger said she hopes the payments come soon.

The women who work in the San Fransisco bathhouses say they’re thrilled with the payout, but still worried about the girls getting their full pay.

Ms. Salyan says she and her employees are not sure when their pay will be.

She says it will depend on when they finish the work.

Bathhouse manager Stephanie Salyans says it’s possible the first payouts will be paid over the weekend, and the girls will start their paydays this week.

San Francisco’s second and final payment comes this week, on the third Tuesday of February.