Which hotels are the best in the USA?

This is a roundup of hotels in the US, sorted by popularity.

In order of how much we love them, and where we think they should be on the list.


Hotel Indigo: A big, fancy hotel.

This hotel is located in the heart of Denver, right next to Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Hospital.

Indigo has a large indoor spa and a great view of the Rockies.

There’s even a large outdoor pool area.


Marriott Marquis: The Marriott Marquise is a modern luxury hotel that offers a wide variety of rooms, from two-bedroom suites to three-bedroom apartments.

There are two large rooftop pools, and it’s easy to find a great spot for a BBQ, dinner, or movie night.


Sheraton Denver: The Sheraton is one of the most well-known luxury hotels in Denver.

It’s just a few minutes from downtown and there’s a lot of parking in the area.

If you’re looking for a new home, check out the “New and Noteworthy” section of this hotel’s website.


Holiday Inn Colorado Springs: The Holiday Inn is a large hotel in the Denver metro area that offers everything from three- and four-bedroom to three and five-bedroom condos.

The hotel also offers an incredible rooftop pool and outdoor space.


Hilton Garden Inn: This hotel has an indoor pool, a rooftop deck, a restaurant, and a gym.

The resort also offers a fantastic outdoor pool and a rooftop patio.


Hyatt Regency Denver: This is another luxury hotel in Denver’s downtown area, and its outdoor pool is fantastic for swimming and picnics.

It has a beautiful, spacious lobby and spa, and indoor and outdoor pools are available for swimming.


Sheryl Sandberg’s Home for Men: A luxury hotel located in downtown Denver that offers luxurious rooms with views of downtown Denver.

This luxury hotel has a rooftop pool, rooftop deck and outdoor pool, and is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner, wedding, or event.


Four Seasons Grand Hotel: This luxury resort is located at the edge of downtown in a suburb of Denver.

There is a pool with an indoor tennis court and indoor pool with a tennis court, and there is also a large gym.


Holiday Island: A new resort in the Colorado River Valley, Holiday Island is a family-friendly resort that has a great outdoor pool with views.

There aren’t many indoor pools, but you’ll have plenty of outdoor space for yoga and other fitness activities.


Marriott Downtown Denver: Located at the center of downtown, Marriott Downtown offers a beautiful hotel with a beautiful rooftop pool.

There also are a number of indoor and indoor pools and the resort has an outdoor patio for BBQs, BBQ parties, or other outdoor activities.


Hyatts Royal: This resort is one block from the Metro Center and the Marriott Marquises downtown Denver location.

This resort offers a great indoor pool and rooftop deck.


The Mirage: The Mirage is a boutique hotel that has plenty of indoor pools.


Sherwood Forest: The Hyatts is the hotel with the best rooftop pool in the metro area.

This upscale resort has indoor pools as well as outdoor pools.


The Ritz Carlton: This upscale hotel in downtown Orlando has a fantastic rooftop pool that’s great for relaxing, and you can get a spa treatment or massage at the hotel’s spa.


The Grove: This new luxury hotel is in downtown Las Vegas and offers a rooftop swimming pool and indoor swimming pool.


The Crowne Plaza: The Crown in Las Vegas is a new resort that offers its own rooftop pool with indoor and outdoors swimming pools.

It also has indoor and rooftop pools.


Shermans Ranch: This luxurious hotel is just a couple blocks from downtown Denver and offers indoor pools for the entire resort.


Grand Hyatt Las Vegas: This large hotel is at the heart, and overlooks, of downtown Las, Nevas.

It is just one block away from Downtown Denver, but it is a little farther to the south.

It offers indoor swimming pools, a great rooftop pool for weddings and events, and outdoor swimming pools for your favorite activities.


Holiday Suites: Holiday Suits is a resort in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

It specializes in a number, and the resorts are very popular.

You can have your pool party here, your wedding here, or your pool dance here.


Four Points Inn Las Vegas : This resort in Reno, Nevada has a pool in an indoor and out-of-the-way outdoor pool that is beautiful.

You’ll also find a pool room with a fireplace.


Marriott Northridge: This multi-family resort is just two blocks from the Marriott Denver and Marriott Marquised locations.

This complex has indoor, outdoor pools