Why does a bathhouse make a good gay nyC

Seattle-based gay bathhouse Sewers Hotels has a new location in the city, and the company’s newest addition is the Gay NyC bathhouse.

The place is known for its diverse clientele, from gay couples to straight-acting professionals, but the owner’s goal is to cater to everyone.

“The bathhouse is a place where all people can feel safe and welcome, and we want to bring the LGBTQ community together,” says manager Scott O’Connell.

The Gay Nys are also the only bathhouse in the entire metro area that is open 24 hours a day.

The bathhouse offers gay-friendly services like a massage and erotic entertainment.

The spa also has a fitness center and sauna, and there’s a new bar and dance floor.

The Bathhouse opened its doors in November, and O’Connor says that it’s been a success.

“It’s a big hit with people.

It’s a fun place, and people are really open about their sexuality,” he says.

“When people come in, they’re a lot more comfortable.

It was a very successful week for us.”